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FA Friday, September 21, 2018


China imported Iranian crude at an average daily rate of 874,000 barrels last month, S&P Global Platts data shows, and, according to the agency, these will start declining now, with the August number representing the peak.
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Chemical engineers testing methods to improve efficiency of diesel engines while maintaining performance are getting help from a summer staple: Tiki torches.
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Royal Dutch Shell announced the sale of oil and gas assets in Norway and Malaysia for over $1.3 billion, bringing it closer to a target of $30 billion in disposals by year-end.
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A large group of international researchers have just published a scientific article in which they encourage environmental authorities across the globe to rethink the idea of removing oil rigs...
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Shale oil and gas extraction in the United States has commanded headlines in recent years.
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There is a widely-used saying in Persian “Dar Hamish-e Rouyeh Yek Pashneh Nemicharkhad”. The English equivalent is “It is a long lane that has no turning”, which literary means that the bad times cannot continue forever, and the good days will not last forever either. Currently, two out of five members of OPEC which founded the organization are under the US sanctions.
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